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Binance Options – Earn Money With Bonus Of Up To 30%

binance options

Binance Options give us opportunities similar to Futures, but with much less risk. It is worth exploring the potential of this newly launched market. Especially since we can earn a few pennies extra on it.

What are Binance options?

Options are derivatives that give holders the right to buy or sell the underlying asset at a predetermined price and on a specified date. So we can buy options, guaranteeing us both the sale and purchase of a given asset, such as ETH, in a week or a month, at a price of, let’s say, $1,200.

There are two types of option contracts: Call (the right to buy the asset) and Put (the right to sell it). This allows us to use options both to make money on an expected price increase (Call) and, for example, to hedge our position against losses caused by price declines (Put).

The fundamental difference between an option and a futures contract is that an option gives us the right – but not the obligation! – to make a future transaction. Using them instead of Futures is therefore associated with much lower risk.

What I like about Binance options trading?

Let’s be clear – before you buy your first option, you need to do your homework. You must realize how the valuation of an option is affected by the movement of the underlying asset, or how its value fluctuates over time. Once you’ve covered these basics, however, you’ll find that Binance options have many advantages:

All in all, Binance’s offering seems definitely user-friendly.

Starting to trade

The options trading platform is available both through the website and on the Binance app. To start trading, we need to follow the following steps:

Voila! We can already place our first order. However, if we need more detailed instructions for activating options, they are broken down on the Binance website.

Placing orders

In the options panel we can see:

So we choose the type of option we are interested in (Call/Put), the time frame, the strike price, specify the price limit (or choose BBO – Best Bid Offer), set the position size (e.g. 1 ETH), click Buy… and we just became the owner of our first option. Let’s just hope the market wants to work along us.

Special offer: 2×30%

To celebrate the launch of the new trading platform, Binance has made a nice gift to users. Until the end of 2022, there is a 30% discount on fees, charged for options trading. With a minor exception – day option trades will not qualify for rebates. Apparently, the platform prefers investors over speculators.

Binance Partners should also be pleased. In order to generate traffic on the platform, they will receive 30% commission of transaction fees of users who entered the options market on their recommendation. The user doesn’t lose, the Partner earns, Binance funds – we like such promotions.

And if you are annoyed that you are not a Binance Partner – nothing lost. You can submit an application right away by filling out this form. Once the team evaluates it and determines that you meet the criteria, the application will be approved and you will start earning.

As you can see, when an institution approaches things sensibly, everyone can be happy. Too bad my bank doesn’t follow such a strategy….

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